Which Social Network is Best for Marketing? Instagram Takes the Lead!

November 30, 2018

For internet marketing professionals, the world of social media offers a variety of platforms to choose from and engage with. While the actual number of social media platforms available for use is staggering, the top contenders are typically the only ones worth mentioning due to their user base, market share, and level of features. The usual suspects, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all offer excellent options for advertisers and marketers. 

Smart digital marketers naturally try to create and run accounts for all of the biggest networks, but not every marketing strategy is created equal. Whether due to budget or focused targeting, some marketing strategists prefer to hone in on specific networks to capture the best possible audiences they can in a fixed area.

Of all of the most popular social networks, Instagram stands out as one of the best platforms to establish a following and build a brand. This is because Instagram’s key focus is high-quality visual media - and when content is shared by brands and businesses on Instagram, followers are directly keyed in. Instagram users of all stripes, whether power users or casual browsers, prefer the authenticity and streamlined approach that Instagram enforces over other social media platforms. Primarily, Instagram users are drawn to the platform over others for 3 reasons: great content, unobtrusive design, and authenticity. In this article, we’ll be going over the advantages that Instagram can bring to your marketing strategy, and why users prefer it to other social platforms for engagement with brands and businesses. 

A Visual Feast

Since its inception, Instagram’s primary focal point has been on images. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, both of which started as a community and news sharing site respectively, Instagram has graphical content built into its platform DNA. This means that the user base of Instagram is conditioned to expect visual media from the brands and businesses they encounter. As has been stated numerous times before, high quality content on Instagram is always a crowd-pleaser, and on the pltform, ordinary users seek out great images and videos regardless of the origin. In fact, brands, which make up a substantial portion of Instagram’s community, enjoy exceptionally higher engagement rates on Instagram if their content is visually appealing, well designed, and unobtrusive in its presentation. A large graphic with “BUY NOW!” may turn off potential followers, but elegant photos of your products or screenshots of your software are surefire winners.

Eager to Please

In addition to emphasizing content over all, Instagram sets itself apart from the competition through its stellar user interface. Since its inception, Instagram has been designed to take advantage of it’s primary medium: the smartphone. True to form, every aspect of the platform has been tweaked for mobile optimization. From fonts to menus, Instagram is a born mobile platform - which is the key to its underlying potential. A large amount of users on both Twitter and Facebook make use of the desktop versions of their sites quite frequently. Instagram on the other hand, however, enjoys a primarily mobile install base. This means your audience is much, much wider for potential leads - as more people (in the United States at least) own a smartphone than a desktop computer.

Outside of the basics, Instagram’s mobile optimization is also a hit with users. The Instagram community loves the unobtrusive design elements that make the platform fun and inviting. Compared to other social networks, which may bombard users with tons of advertisements or a cluttered layout, Instagram delivers ads within the parameters of the feed. This means they appear just like any other ordinary post would, which doesn’t take users out of the moment. This is a powerful tool to leverage when marketing on Instagram, and many marketing strategies use it to great effect.

Authentically Yours

Finally, one of the most crucial aspects that draws users to Instagram is authenticity. As strange as that may sound, the idea of “authentic marketing,” there is indeed a fine line to ride when engaging followers on social media. As mentioned above, users on Instagram like the platform, ads and all, because it doesn’t “feel” like they’re being advertised to. This philosophy can carry over into authenticity, which in this context refers to how “real” you seem as an Instagram user. The community loves, and even embraces, brands that feel like they’re run by real people as opposed to automation or a corporate suit. When brand accounts crack a joke, take time to engage with audiences, and create content for the benefit of their audiences altogether, this actually draws new audiences and engagement. Instagram retains its popularity because it is one of the few places these kinds of interactions take place in a fun, stimulating, and visually appealing environment.

A New Home for Your Brand

At the end of the day,Instagram has several factors going for it that make it a successful destination for marketers. The key to strong Instagram marketing lies not just in knowledge of your audience, but taking advantage of what draws people to the platform in the first place.

As we mentioned above, quality content is the backbone of Instagram. The sleek, unobtrusive user interface takes advantage of the power of smartphones, opens up your demographics, and makes the site a pleasure to use. Finally, the authenticity of profiles and users on Instagram keeps followers coming back to the profiles they love for engagement experiences they’re unlikely to find elsewhere. 

As Instagram continues to tweak their platform and serve up better experiences for users, the site will remain a booming hub for marketers in light of the results it produces, the audiences it reaches, and the satisfaction it brings to anyone looking for great content.. How will you harness the power of Instagram?