The Best Instagram Audiences - How to Appeal to Your Target Audiences on Instagram

December 10, 2018

In the stage drama As You Like It by William Shakespeare, the bard declares that “All the world’s a stage, and (we) merely players.” This is correct in many ways, as people often curate their behavior and appearance as they “perform” for the “audiences” they encounter in daily life. Just as with these interactions, it’s critical for online marketers  to know their audience, how to appeal to them, and how to keep them tuned in to their content.

On the internet, there’s no place where it’s more important to know your audience than Instagram. Founded as a community based on beautiful photos, the user base of the platform has a tendency towards favoring strong content, cohesive aesthetics, and relevance towards popular topics of discussion or trends. Success as a profile on Instagram depends heavily on the opinions of others, and capitalizing on the leanings of the Instagram community is a necessary step to shaping a solid social media strategy. In this article, we will be going over the three factors mentioned above and how they relate to your ideal target audiences on Instagram. Regardless of your field, as a marketing strategist, your goal is to spread your net wide and capture as many prospects as possible. Appealing to the largest audience possible is a surefire way to rack up followers, spike engagement, and convert leads into buyers of products and services.

Sincerely Yours

When optimizing your Instagram profile for your best audiences, the first and most important thing to recognize is the quality of your content. People pay attention to your choice of graphics and fonts, the resolution of your images, and most importantly, the authenticity of your posting habits. Instagram users hate feeling like they’re being “played,” so this is a case where more subtle marketing techniques reign supreme. Rather than a large scale blurb on a graphic that reads “HUGE SALE!”, a choice photo with a well written description is a much better way to capture your audience’s attention.

Riding the Wave

When talking about wowing your Instagram audiences, few elements of posting are more effective than a well composed Aesthetic. Aesthetics are the “artistic or beautiful qualities in something,” and act as a powerful attracting force for Instagram users. The Instagram platform is unusual in that, by emphasizing  photo or video content, users tend to gravitate towards content that fits their own tastes, and treat Instagram as a gallery to their liking more so than a discussion platform. By knowing the audiences you’re targeting, you can curate the overall aesthetic of your profile to match the expectations of your audience. Say, for example, you are a surfwear company that produces surfboards, apparel, and products for water sports. Your ideal audience will typically be liking photos and profiles with a tropical or “beachy” aesthetic. Curation can also include creating a consistent overarching color scheme, or similar subject matter for photos. A consistent aesthetic across your profile helps your account be taken in by users as greater whole than a series of fragments. This appeals to users who are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to brands, and speaks to the image your brand is trying to promote.

Sign of the Times

Finally, one of the most crucial aspects of capturing audiences is relevance.  This refers to the fact that your content should relate to your brand or, at the very least, have a clear connection to information you’ve posted prior. A good example would be for a retail store owner to post photos of their inventory, their storefront, or even stock promotional images that relate to their brand. Although we all love to share our latest personal photos and videos, unless you yourself are the “brand” being “sold” to your audiences, it’s best to try and keep your content consistent.

In addition to sharing a connection with your marketing strategies, Relevance also refers to the “timeliness” of your content. This means your content needs to be fresh and interesting - and potentially related to current events or trends. A good way to monitor what’s currently trending is to research popular hashtags. It’s very possible for brands to interject content of their own into a trending hashtag, providing that the content is relevant to both the brand and the hashtag. This acts as a lightning rod for new followers that appreciate your ability to multitask with your content.

Authoring Your Best Stories

When all is said and done, the opinions of different audiences on Instagram will vary widely on what content appeals most to them. For some, it’s all about the genuine feelings that great content evokes with its authenticity. For others, it’s the purely aesthetic choices that jump out or the relevancy to the most popular conversations at hand. Nearly everyone can agree, however, that businesses, brands, and companies that pay attention to their audiences and put effort into their digital output see far more success in their campaigns than those who do not.

With more and more businesses jumping to Instagram for high-impact Social Media campaigns, it’s unavoidable that competition for audiences will grow more and more fierce. Knowing the keys to winning these audiences is the difference between viral success or social stagnation. When you’ve hit the follower and engagement heights you desire, don’t forget to take a bow. The performance is what keeps your audiences coming back, after all. How will you capture your best audience?