Race to the Top: 3 Essential Steps to Promote your Instagram Account

October 3, 2018

Over the course of the last few years, Instagram has become the go to social network for marketers. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram makes rich content the overall focus of its platform - making its user base ripe for engagement. In fact, 60% of Millennials and 67% of Gen Xers surveyed about the platform have said they’re more willing to buy from a brand they follow on social media, with Instagram being one of their top vectors for brand interaction.

While the concept of Instagram as a haven for marketers may seem rosey, it’s not unwarranted. Nearly every brand in the social media space makes use of Instagram’s penchant for content delivery - which is why standing out from competitors is critical for any new account. The question remains, however: how does one promote their Instagram account? What makes an Instagram account more accessible to potential leads and clients?

As any seasoned Instagram user knows, followers are just a single component in establishing a stellar Instagram account. A large amount of prep work, engagement effort, and promotional know-how goes into Instagram popularity, with multiple avenues of support available for marketers to harness. Currently, promoting an Instagram account can be boiled down into a few key concepts: account optimization, content optimization, and external promotion. In this article, we’ll be going over each of these concepts in detail while shedding some light on the sometimes mysterious nature of account promotion. While some of these steps may seem counterintuitive at first glance, each aspect builds upon the next - creating a solid foundation for your account to grow from.

Know Thyself

As with any program for growth, starting with the self is the perfect foundation for improvement. The same rings true for Instagram promotion. By default, an Instagram profile gives users space for a profile picture, a bio, and of course, their content. Just posting content by itself, however, isn’t going to do your follower count any favors. In order to get the most visitors, most followers, and best engagement, your account should be as appealing as possible to strangers and passersby. This is accomplished in several ways, most notably by optimizing the account for search functions, an interesting bio, and cohesive relevance that keeps your account on the pulse of the community.

For your account, picking a simple, easy to search username is a major factor to success. Every marketer knows that a catchy name can sell products, and the same goes for online endeavors as well. Clunky, complicated usernames don’t rank well on the Instagram search engine, and an irrelevant one can actually draw potential leads away from your account. Instead, stick to a name that’s relevant to your brand or business. In many cases, some abbreviation (such as shortening company to “co” or junior to “jr”) is good, as it keeps the username from being overly long and complex. Using underscores ( _ ) in your username can be beneficial as well, as it gives the impression of a space and can be useful if your company or brand’s name is already taken by another account.

 As for the ‘bio,’ it’s important to remember all Instagram accounts have a space below the username and profile picture for information to be added. Not taking advantage of free space for a description, a link, and potentially a promotion is a major missed opportunity. The bio is the primary location for marketers to link their Instagram accounts back to their website or e-commerce platform, which is where direct sales most frequently occur. This profile bio also gives users the opportunity to add hashtags ( # ) making it even more useful in populating your account into searches. You can use hashtags in your bio to keep your profile relevant to popular discussion topics, or tag your actual content so that searchers see your posts more frequently when they browse their feeds for trends.

Content is King

We’ve discussed content in great depth in previous articles, but it’s important to know that your content can be optimized for your account in ways that benefit its visibility and promotion on Instagram. Between Hashtags, Geotags, and aesthetic consistency, there are multiple routes that marketers can take to sharpen their content for debut.

Instagram users can be fickle, but all of them are almost unanimously drawn to aesthetically gorgeous content. One major trick of the trade that influencers take advantage of is consistency across multiple pieces of content. This can take several forms, including similar color schemes and subject matter across multiple images, consistent text or graphics throughout your content, frequency in filter use and cropping, and curation of image order for optimal visual appeal. This is done primarily to make at-a-glance views of your profile more captivating, as users will take in your profile as a consistent whole . An ordinary Instagram account will vary widely between personal photos, different colored images, little to no editing, etc. An optimized account, however, with circular cropping on every image, similar filters, photography techniques, and lighting creates a visual feast that’s difficult to overlook.

Geotagging, another oft ignored Instagram secret, is another factor that the most popular accounts take advantage of frequently. On its face, it may not seem like much; a tag placed below your content showing the location the image was taken. This is a major blessing in disguise, however. Geotagged images show up as local results for nearby searchers, potentially connecting your business and brand to tons of real-life leads and clients. This also allows for better engagement on the local level, and can lead to your content being grouped with other local results and hashtags for even greater exposure.


Outside the Box

Naturally, promotion need not always take place on the same platform. In fact, spreading your reach beyond Instagram is a best practice for getting your account noticed across the web. Most commonly, a social media marketing strategist will have several accounts spread across the most popular social media platforms, namely Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If Instagram is the primary account needing promotion, simply outreaching on the other networks is a great way to draw new followers towards your profile. This outreach can take the form of shared posts, promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter, and general engagement with your audiences on the other platforms.

Up, up, and away!

Social media allows brands and businesses to connect with millions of influencers and followers like never before. With the support of applied engagement, profile optimization, and external promotion, the audiences you reach will flock to your Instagram profile.

As mentioned above, there are several factors to Instagram success. InstaFollowHQ, however, provides all the tools you need to expand and grow your instagram following exponentially. Automated content scheduling and posting keeps your consistency up and allows you to remain on the pulse of current discussion. Automated engagement tools keep you connected with your current followers - all while networking your profile with the best new audiences for your brand.

A consistent presence combined with an optimized profile, fresh content, and digital outreach paves the way for waves of genuine, high quality followers and influencers for your brand or business. How will you optimize your Instagram profile?