How to create Engagement on Instagram - A Strategy for Victory

December 17, 2018

    • A critical component to every Social Media campaign, Engagement is often emphasized as a focal point for success. Although content is said to be the backbone to every marketing strategy, it is only the first step towards growing an audience. Engagement deals with what happens after content is posted, specifically the conversation around the content, how it’s shared, and the impact it makes on audiences.

        • What, then, does proper social media engagement consist of? Surprisingly, the answer is intuitive, as everyone on social media engages with content. It’s the fundamental basis of social media conversations in general. Primarily, marketing strategists hone in on a few kinds of engagement that provide the biggest impact in terms of growing followers, spreading influence, and SEO potential: following, commenting, and messaging. These factors separate highly automated social media processes from more intimate digital campaigns, ones that successfully encourage followers to engage back!

            • InstaFollowHQ, designed for businesses and brands to run full-fledged Social Media campaigns, is not shy to the benefits of Engagement. In fact, much of the platform is built around creating stronger, more optimized engagement between profile and follower. In this article, we’ll be going over how InstaFollowHQ creates more impactful engagement utilizing optimized follows, commenting, and direct messaging. Each of these techniques works to empower sharing and discussion among your followers - establishing your profile as a social media authority and source of quality material .

          Pack Leaders

            • When optimizing your profile for your audience, it’s important to keep your followers in mind. Not only should you be keeping an eye on what content works with your current followers, but also what users you choose to follow yourself. On Instagram, follow-backs are the norm, and a stellar account will make them more likely to happen. However, random accounts that aren’t your ideal audience are far less likely to follow back due to lack of mutual interest. InstaFollowHQ works to expand your follower list with tailored follows that network your campaign with the perfect audience. Using parameters you set in the dashboard, InstaFollowHQ networks your profile with users on Instagram that fit your custom objectives - connecting you with the best audiences to promote your business or brand. This makes scouting for new profiles a breeze and frees up valuable time for creating more content in the built-in Content Studio.

          Talk of the Town

            • In addition to scouting for quality follows, you can increase your audience through engagement with other users’ content. This includes likes and comments on posts that aren’t your own - a process that leads to organic follows out of courtesy, enthusiasm, or curiosity. It can be tricky to know where to start when engaging other users, particularly on the matter of where to find the content that fits your needs the best. Fortunately, InstaFollowHQ connects you to the perfect audience with tailored commenting and replies. These optimized engagement functions post to relevant users and content across Instagram, leading to more frequent follow-backs and profile visits.

              Pass it On!

                • Finally, an often overlooked but important feature of Engagement is Direct Messaging. Just like many other social networks, Instagram offers Direct Messaging as a way to communicate and chat with other users on the platform. In many cases, DMs can be used to thank users for follows or clue them in to promotions and special events. Directly managing DMs to hundreds of followers at a time is a massive task. Thankfully, InstaFollowHQ helps you keep activity and engagement high with custom direct messages and preset replies for a variety of essential functions. Followers can receive messages including Thank You’s, calls-to-action, and invitations to explore your content as soon as they click “follow.” You can schedule or pre-set messages and replies for those who choose to send you a DM as well.

                  Take a Bow!

                    • When it comes to engagement, superior effort is what wins out against the competition every time. From finding the right audience to target to the frequency of your engagement, the process is essential to creating a Social Media campaign that takes off and sustains itself.

                      As we discussed, honing in on the right accounts to follow is crucial, as it helps you build an audience that is likely to engage back. Comments and likes keep the activity flowing and let users know you are present. Finally, DMing lets users know you are available to talk directly, and adds another layer of authenticity to the work you do.

                        • As Social Media continues to change and offer more opportunities for engagement, knowing the current best practices helps keep accounts fresh, active, and competitive on the ever-growing Instagram Marketing scene. How will you engage your audience?