How to Reach Thousands of New Followers: InstaFollowHQ Helps Your Business Soar to New Heights

November 23, 2018

Running a full-fledged social media marketing campaign on Instagram is not as simple as it may first appear. While millions of users make Instagram their home, the majority of them are content with simple uploads and posting at their own convenience. Digital Marketers, on the other hand, must dedicate themselves to extremely regular posting schedules, tight deadlines, quality content, and the factors of audience metrics and timeliness. The rigors of using Instagram professionally are tried and tested - necessary for any digital campaign - and yet, the unprepared can still be caught off guard by the complications and subtleties of the platform.

Brands and businesses new to Instagram may create their accounts and post content, but fully manual social media management is time consuming and requires heavy planning and coordination on the platform. In addition, building a collection of followers willing to promote your material is another major investment of time How, then, do the newcomers of digital marketing grow a following on Instagram in spite of the challenges baked into the process? How does one make their material stand out against thousands of other brands and businesses?

Experienced Instagram users are all aware that followers are crucial to establish any kind of digital identity, along with frequent posting, follower engagement, and eye-catching content . Rather than relying on manual account management and publishing, more businesses are turning towards Automation for their digital campaigns. This is why InstaFollowHQ has created a toolkit of business essentials focused around the power of automation. InstaFollowHQ performs automated engagement including likes, comments, and messaging to custom tailored audiences. Based on your parameters, InstaFollowHQ seeks out and automatically follows  accounts and influencers best suited to your brand and most likely promote and share your content. Automation speeds up and streamlines any digital campaign, and the tools provided by InstaFollowHQ all work towards attracting followers, creating exceptional content, and maintaining an authority status on Instagram. In this article, we will be going over a few of the benefits obtained using the InstaFollowHQ suite, specifically follower acquisition, content generation, and follower engagement - all critical steps to Social Media campaign success.

Blazing a Trail

On Instagram, outside of private accounts, there’s nothing stopping anyone from following whatever account they want. This is how a majority of users find content to fill their timelines. Getting followers for one’s own account, however, is another story entirely. Organically following many users and hoping for “follow backs” is time consuming, but is the norm for much of the Instagram user base. Although following back is the polite thing to do, it’s no guarantee that every user will do so.

InstaFollowHQ, however, addresses the issues of scouting for qualified targets and streamlines the following process via automation and machine learning. Using algorithms that search Instagram’s hashtag system, user profile text, follower networks, and location, InstaFollowHQ will automatically target and follow the most relevant profiles according to your parameters. This means the profiles your account follows are only the most likely candidates to “follow back,” as well as the most likely to share and spread your content. On top of this, the speed in which InstaFollowHQ scouts and follows saves time and gives users room for other work like crafting gorgeous content for followers to share.

A Creator’s Workshop

Of course, a large follower count will only take your Social Media campaign so far. No Instagram profile is complete without regularly posted, high quality content. That’s the reason why, in so many users choose Instagram over other social platforms. Instagram users love looking at brilliant photos that make them laugh, cry, and most importantly, want to share with friends. Virality can be hard to predict, InstaFollowHQ’s dashboard provides a complete suite of Content Creation, Photo Editing, and Post Scheduling tools to give you a head start. In the dashboard,  users can use their own graphics or stock photos, a variety of filters, frames and word art, and image editing software to create content that rivals desktop grade software. This saves users time and money - leading to even more content, profile activity, and engagement.

Once your content is complete, the post scheduler can be utilized to plan and deploy your content in advance. One of the keys to finding an Authority Status online is frequent activity.  Only the most active users on Instagram see their page ranking go up, which creates more opportunities for your posts to be found - in turn leads to more followers. With InstaFollowHQ’s calendar view, you can select specific times and dates for your content to be published to your profile -on whatever schedule you want. This allows your content to scale with the complexity of your individual campaigns, ensuring an appropriate fit and ease of use in any digital campaign.

A Streamlined Experience for All

Now that you’ve followed your target audiences, created a feed’s worth of beautiful graphics, and scheduled your posts for the next two weeks, it’s inevitable your follower count will rise to match your activity - but this isn’t where the process ends! Engagement is another essential part of the Instagram puzzle. In simplest terms, engagement is interaction with or to your followers. This includes more personal forms such as responding to comments or DMs or holding contests or posting calls to action that get your followers motivated to interact.

InstaFollowHQ, as with posting and and content creation, automates and streamlines user engagement.  New followers can be set to receive automated direct messages thanking them for the follow. These messages can be customized with calls to action, including inviting them to explore your brand and business. Messages can be set for prompt auto-replies with customized messages and content. Likes can be automated to target a follower’s content, along with pre-set comments and replies. This helps keep your activity frequent and sharp, and even allows you to appear online during times where a computer or phone may be out of reach. For digital marketers, stepping away from the desk can mean missing a potential lead or opportunity. Not so with Automation.

A Bold Future

InstaFollowHQ allows brands and businesses to target and network with millions of potential new followers every day. Thanks to targeting and automation for hashtags, replies, comments, and engagement, the complexities of Social Media account management are simplified and optimized.

As we covered above, there are a few factors to viral success on Instagram. InstaFollowHQ, however, provides all the tools you need at your disposal to expand and grow your online following with ease. Automated content scheduling and posting keep your feed active and eye-catching. Automated engagement tools keep you connected with current and future followers - all while working behind the scenes. This creates ample opportunity to run multiple campaigns at once, create more detailed content, plan further ahead, and much more. Automation, like any new technology, is here to make our lives easier and more productive. Taking the first step into this new world, while intimidating, can be the difference between 50 followers and 5000. How will you connect to your audience.