How to Create Instagram Content Fast - InstaFollowHQ paves the way

December 17, 2018

  • When running a Social Media campaign, the first thing marketing strategists are told to focus on is high quality content. Although content is the backbone to any solid marketing strategy, it is often the bane of many account managers due to its heavy time investment. Not everyone is born an artist or writer, so account managers will typically outsource creative work to third parties or attempt to tackle the work themselves despite the effort involved. While both of these methods can work, they can be costly in terms of time, money, and energy.

  • How, then, does an account manager handle running multiple projects with daily allotments of content for each? Graphic artists can be expensive and image editing software tricky to learn in short time. Most of all, especially on a network like Instagram, the emphasis on quality content leaves little room for mistakes.

      • InstaFollowHQ, in addition to being a top platform for optimized audience engagement and post scheduling, also includes a comprehensive graphic and content creation studio as part of its suite of marketing essentials. Designed from the ground up for users of all skill levels, InstaFollowHQ makes it easy to create gorgeous photos and graphics in no time at all - paving the way for more impactful social media campaigns. In this article, we’ll be going over the features of InstaFollowHQ’s Content Creation Studio, as well as how it can benefit you and your brand as you engage and expand your following.

        Made for Sharing

          • By design, InstaFollowHQ streamlines content creation for users of all experience levels! For starters, everything you can create in the Design Studio is optimized for function and performance on Instagram, as well as Twitter and Facebook - meaning each post is built for sharing across the most popular social media platforms. Upon booting the Studio, users will find preset graphics and templates designed for optimal sizing and resolution on Instagram, meaning more people are able to see your creations through a lens of composition and professionalism.

            Creating a Masterpiece

              • In the Studio Dashboard, Content Creation, Photo Editing, and Post Scheduling tools give users a head start in terms of content creation. With InstaFollowHQ,  users can choose between working with their own graphics or InstaFollowHQ’s selection of curated stock photos. A variety of filters, frames and word art are available to use with your creations, along with desktop-grade  image editing software that allows editing in layers. As mentioned before, full expository help menus are available to guide new users through the studio, with unobtrusive design greatly diminishing any learning curves. This saves users time and money - leading to even more content, profile activity, and engagement.

                Knowing the Way

                  • Finally, one of the most critical features of the InstaFollowHQ Studio is Advanced Post Scheduling. Planning and deploying your content in advance creates greater activity levels for your profiles - leading to stronger search engine performance and more meaningful engagement with your audience. When your content is finished, you can post from your device, deploy to Instagram directly from the dashboard, or plan a delayed schedule for maximum impact on your fans and followers. This allows you to pick the exact time your content publishes, allowing for posting through holidays, busy schedules, and promotional events should you choose to create any.

        Works of Heart

        At the end of the day, SEO is one of several factors that determine a successful website. The key to strong SEO lies not just in knowledge of the process, but superior effort compared to competitors who are also scrambling for the same Page 1 ranking.

        As we mentioned above, quality content is the backbone of any solid SEO program. A skillful integration of keywords into a website’s written content allows the search engine to properly capture the site and propel it straight to the top. Additionally, the support of backlinks reinforce the status of a site, allowing it to appear more relevant while reaching many users across social networks at the same time.

        As Google continues to tweak their algorithms and serve up better experiences for users, SEO will remain a booming industry for the results it produces, the audiences it reaches, and the satisfaction it brings to anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. How will you optimize your content?