Automation Nation: How Automation can Accelerate your Social Media Marketing Objectives in 2018

October 23, 2018

Today, marketing specialists across the internet are using social media to generate more traffic than ever before. While Facebook and Twitter enjoy massive popularity, experts know that Instagram stands out as one of the best platforms to establish a following and build a brand. This is because Instagram’s key function is high-quality visual media - and when this content is posted by brands and businesses on Instagram, their followers are directly plugged into that content. Instagram users of all stripes, whether power users or casual browsers, almost unanimously prefer the authenticity and simple approach that Instagram enforces over traditional forms of advertisement. It’s unobtrusive, detailed, and engaging - as great content ought to be.

As promising as Instagram may seem, however, it can  also seem intimidating to the uninitiated. Brands and businesses new to Instagram may create an account and start posting, but fully organic social media management is time consuming and requires heavy investment in planning, maneuvering on the platform, and timing your posts just right. On top of that, building a base willing to share your content is another time investment that ( although essential) can slow down an ambitious marketing strategy. How, then, does any business manage an Instagram account at a reasonable pace? How does one shine among millions of other brands and influencers? The answer, as it turns out, is Automation.

As any experienced Instagram user knows, followers are important to establish brand identity, along with posting frequency, engagement, and high-quality content . This is why InstaFollowHQ  has created an essential digital toolkit centered around the power of Automation, which massively streamlines any Social Media Operation. InstaFollowHQ performs automated engagement activities such as likes, comments, and messaging to specially tailored target audiences. It seeks out and automatically follows  accounts and influencers best suited to your objectives and most likely promote and share your brand. Every Automation tool provided by InstaFollowHQ plays an important role in attracting followers, spreading influence, and maintaining an authority status on Instagram. In this article, we will be going over a few of the benefits obtained via automated activity, namely in Followers, Content Creation, and Engagement - three of the most crucial aspects to establishing a massive following on Instagram.

Consider the Following

When networking on Instagram, a “follow” is the essential way to connect with other users. This means you have added a particular user to your account’s feed, and will receive updates with any content they post - similar to a “Friend Request” on Facebook. “Following Back,” or in other words “following the person who followed you,” is considered a common courtesy by many Instagram users, and is how many people increase their own follower count. Following many other accounts and waiting  for “follow backs” is time consuming, but critical for most Instagram users.

Although curating followers organically is something every Instagram user does, the method still hangs on factors beyond your control, such as following relevant profiles, the other user choosing to follow back, and the amount of time spent scouting for profiles. InstaFollowHQ, however, addresses all of these issues and streamlines the scouting process through Automation and machine learning. Using algorithms that search Instagram’s hashtag system, user profile text, follower networks, and location, InstaFollowHQ will automatically follow the most related profiles to your brand or business. This means the profiles your account accumulates are the most likely candidates for “follow backs,” as well as the most likely to be interested in your content. Additionally, streamlined Automation allows for hundreds of accounts to be scouted and followed in a matter of minutes, spreading your reach even further for new followers to appear.

Creating Masterpieces

Naturally, a high follower count isn’t the only aspect of successfully deploying Instagram for your business. No account is complete without consistent high quality content. It is, after all, the reason so many users choose Instagram over other social media platforms. Inside InstaFollowHQ’s dashboard, a full suite of Automated Content Creation and Scheduling tools are available to keep your feed consistent and captivating. In the dashboard, a fully customizable library of graphic templates, fonts, and image manipulation software allow you to not only create new material from scratch, but also upload and edit existing images on your computer. This built-in app uses Automation to make graphic art simple and fun - featuring a non-complicated user interface with a variety of tools and options to perfect your masterpiece.

Once your content is ready to be deployed, the Automated scheduling software can be utilized to plan and publish your content in advance. One of the keys to a successful profile is frequent profile activity. This gives the most active users an authority status on Instagram, and creates more opportunities for your posts to be found by other users - leading to more followers. On InstaFollowHQ, you can select the exact times and dates for your content to be published to your profile - as frequently as you want.

Once you’ve followed as many related profiles as possible, published a full feed’s quantity of excellent content, and scheduled your posts for the next few weeks, it’s likely you will have attracted several new followers - but the process does not end there! Engagement is another key step to Instagram success. In other words, this means interacting with your followers; whether more personal such as responding to direct messages, or simple, such as “liking” a post.

InstaFollowHQ, just like with posting and scouting, Automates and streamlines the engagement process.  New likes can be automated to follower’s content, along with liking comments and replies. This helps maintain your status as an high-activity Instagram authority, which generates higher numbers of return-follows and higher quality leads.

InstaFollowHQ allows brands and businesses to connect with millions of influencers and followers like never before. With the support of specialized Automation features for content, hashtags, replies, comments, and engagement tools, your audience becomes a perfect fit for your brand and vision.

As mentioned above, Instagram requires time and dedication to grow a massive following. InstaFollowHQ’s Automation tools, however, provides all the help you need to expand and grow your Instagram following exponentially. Automated networking connects you to the best possible audiences for your brand. Post scheduling keeps your profile active and interesting. Automated engagement tools connect you even deeper to your current followers, help you retain your follower count, and increase participation - meaning more shares, more activity, and yes, more followers!

A deeply integrated Instagram presence combined with eyecatching content and extensive promotion leads to scores of genuine, quality followers. Automation makes it happen in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years. That’s a timeline anyone can “auto-like.”  How will you make the most of Automation?