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About instafollowHQ

InstaFollowHQ provides the essential digital toolkit for businesses and brands to exponentially increase their Instagram followers! Target key audiences with auto likes, auto messaging, and engagement tools. Manage content with greater precision than ever before with post scheduling, auto hashtagging, and image design features.

Account Growth

Account Growth

Increase your Instagram followers fast
with targeted posts and hashtags for maximum follow-back and lead potential.

Automated Engagement

Automated Engagement

Maintain your status as an always-online Instagram authority with automated engagement features including auto posting, auto likes, and auto following.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Frequent and consistent posting is easier than ever! Experience a fully customizable library of image and video templates - then debut your content at the perfect time with Instagram Automation tools.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports

See the impact and reach of your content in real-time with a full suite of analytic and metric software. See which posts create the biggest impact and refine your Instagram strategy.

What is InstaFollow HQ?

InstaFollowHQ delivers real Followers, Activity, and Likes to any business or brand’s Instagram account around the clock. Using a state-of-the-art digital toolkit, InstaFollowHQ performs Instagram Automation activities such as auto likes, auto comments, and messaging to custom tailored target audiences. These audiences are discovered using machine learning algorithms that scan the platform via users, hashtags, and location - connecting you to followers and influencers best suited to promote and share your products and brands.


Create the Perfect Instagram
Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Today’s marketing professionals are using social media to generate more leads than ever before. Of all the social networks, however, Instagram stands out as the top rated platform for establishing customer trust as well as a large following. This is because Instagram focuses on connecting users to high quality content directly from brands and businesses themselves.

InstaFollowHQ's suite of Instagram marketing tools, content creation features, and engagement options allow brands and businesses to connect with millions of influencers and followers like never before. With the support of targeted, location based, and automated hashtags, replies, comments, and engagement tools, every audience you reach is a the best fit for your brand and vision.

Instagram Marketing Tools

InstaFollowHQ comes with an array of cutting-edge marketing features and tools to help expand the social outreach of your brand and business. Automated content scheduling and posting keep your feed productive and compelling. Automated engagement tools keep you connected with your current followers - all while networking your profile with the best new audiences for your brand.

Auto Post

Debut your content at the perfect moment - and keep your feed active! Automated post scheduling lets you plan your Instagram posts with precision and frequency.

Auto Comment

Connect to the perfect audience with targeted Auto Comments that post to relevant users and content, or simply keep your audience engaged with automated replies that accelerate your activity.

Auto Like

Create an expanding network of new followers with targeted Auto Likes. These automated reactions post to content across Instagram that meets your specifications, connecting you to new potential leads and influencers.

Auto Follow

Grow an extensive follower network with targeted Auto Follow. These automated requests connect to users across Instagram that fit your content the best, networking you with the perfect audience for your brand.

Content Creation

Enjoy a customizable library of expert image and video templates with the Content Creation tools. Generate fresh, impactful content instantly and schedule your posts for high frequency activity and influence.

Auto Engagement

It’s easier than ever to be an Instagram authority with automated engagement features that react to the activity of your followers and influencers. This generates higher numbers of return-follows and higher quality leads.

Content Analysis

With Content Analysis, you can see which of your posts generates the most buzz, where your traffic is coming from, and the tactics of your competition - creating greater influence and authority from your profile to your audience.

Auto Direct Message

Create a deeper connection with your target audience with Auto Direct Message. New followers can receive automated messages thanking them for the follow, inviting them to explore your brand and business. Messages can be auto-replied to promptly with customized messages and content.

InstaFollowHQ has flexible plans for every brand

Whether you are an individual looking to build your brand, an entrepreneur starting a social media marketing business, or an agency looking for the best Instagram automation tools available, InstaFollowHQ has a package with the best features to fit your needs.

All Plans Include

  • Auto Post
  • Auto Messaging
  • Auto Comment
  • Auto Liking
  • Auto Direct Messages
  • Auto Follow / Unfollow
  • Content Creator
  • Post Scheduling
  • Advanced Settings
  • Client Management
  • Client User Portals
  • Team Member Portals

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See Your Results in Real-Time!

InstaFollowHQ comes with an extensive suite of analysis tools to provide insight on the impact of your campaign in real-time. Using InstaFollowHQ’s detailed analytic reports, you can instantly adjust your marketing strategy and stay ahead of the curve. With your reports, you can see what content generates the most activity, where in the world the highest amount of your visitors came from, and what strategies your competition are using.


InstaFollowHQ brings real followers and influencers to your campaign organically, with tools that extend your reach directly to target audiences - the ones most likely to engage with your brand and business.





  • Fashion and Accessories Designers
  • Clothing Stores and Boutiques
  • Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists


  • Executive Chef and Fine Dining
  • Restaurants and Bistros
  • Cafes and Coffee Houses


  • Flower Shops and Plant Boutiques
  • Wedding and Event Planners
  • Gifts and Home Specialty Stores